Hi. I'm Julia. I'm a comedian living in NYC. I started doing comedy in Chicago, IL and became a regular at The Lincoln Lodge. If you are in Chicago, go see their shows! That was super fun. I took classes at The Annoyance, iO and Second City, that was also a lot of fun. Then, I moved to NYC. Now, I do comedy here. I'm obsessed with reality tv, so I have a podcast about The Bachelor (The Untitled Chris Harrison Project) but my FAVORITE is the Real Housewives franchise. God bless Andy Cohen. This past year, I earned the title of Little Miss Rock Bottom. I'm also obsessed with skincare and can always give some recommendations. It's most important to wear sunscreen during the day & wash your face at night. I've opened for Chelsea Peretti, Pete Holmes and Hannibal Buress. They all asked me for advice after my set. None of them will remember this so don't ask.  I've performed at The Laugh Factory Chicago, Helium Comedy Club Buffalo, New York Comedy Club and UCB. I've also participated in the Cape Fear Comedy Festival and Chicago Womens Funny Festival. You can catch me every Monday night at 8pm at The Creek and The Cave for my Bachelor Watch Party - but if you talk too much, I will shush you.