For My Boys: Easy Tips and Product Recommendations For My Guy Friends

Hi guys! You come up to me a lot and ask me random skincare questions - how do you get pores smaller? How can I get rid of blackheads? Some of you, to my dismay, don't wash your face, let alone exfoliate or moisturize! No worries, I get it. Here are some links to things you can buy and super basic info to help you out. If you don't feel like reading, just click the links I've provided and purchase the items. Trust. 

Difference between male and female skin? Generally, men tend to be a little bit oilier, and since a lot of you shave everyday, you can be more prone to ingrown hairs and break outs. Most Skincare marketed to men is the same as the skincare products marketed to women - same active ingredients, just more masculine packaging and more often that not, a hell of a lot cheaper. 

  1. You have to swear sunscreen everyday. This prevents Skin Cancer, but more importantly, wrinkles. It's super easy to get a basic, cheap, moisturizer with SPF in it. You can get them at the drug store. Oily Skin? Get this. Sensitive? Here you go. Dry? Try this. It's all about preventative aging, which is why you MUST wear SPF!
  2. Chemical Exfoliation. This is simpler than it sounds. You can reduce blemishes, the size of pores (well, the appearance, shrinking pores is not actually a thing nor is it physically possible) as well as lighten any scars and get rid of blackheads. This is as simple as picking up a Stridex pad, which pains me to say. I'd rather you use something better but I get it. You can also chemically exfoliate by using a cleanser with any kind of acid in it - Salicylic acid is most common, and you can find that in any basic "anti-acne" cleanser. These are a better option for exfoliating pads. Using a glycolic acid cleanser is one of my favorite things to do - leaves your skin soft, bright and helps with break outs. My personal favorite is this, but I'm trying to give you really cheap options in hopes you will actually go buy these.
  3. I think everyone should use African black soap. It's an all natural way to help with break outs and it's gentle on the skin. It smells amazing, and you can use it for your body or face.
  4. Obviously you have to wash your face, or I should say, please wash your face - I really want you to. Especially because we live in NYC, theres gross shit on our faces by the end of the day, if you don't wash, that can cause build up and acne and wrinkles oh my. It's most important to wash at night, that way you can get all the grime off before going to sleep. Obviously I would love for you to wash in the morning as well.  Use any of the cleansers listed above, or again, black soap. Lots of people wash their face with coconut oil, too, so thats an option. 
  5. Moisturizing! I'll keep it simple, because when things get complex, I feel like thats where I lose you guys. So, after you wash your face at night, you should moisturize. Super simple, doesn't take long, I promise! This is a great option, and it's only 20 bucks and lasts a long time - Dermatologists love this brand. You could also use pure shea butter which is natural and fun and vegan etc. If you have really dry skin and need a super thick moisturizer, this one is your best bet, perfect for winter or chapped skin in general. 

Okay, I think thats it for now. In a perfect world, I'd be recommending toners and serums, but, baby steps. Stop using hand soap as face wash. Cannot stress that enough. No more Irish Spring soap, either.  Love you, bye!